Competent Tower Rigging


Competent Rigging Course – $795


The major tower companies and contractors are requiring a Competent Tower Rigger on all job sites as per ASSE/ANSI 10.48. Sites are being audited to insure the existence and implementation of written rigging plans on Class I, II, III, and IV construction projects.

The Comtrain Competent Tower Rigging Course addresses (OSHA 29 CFR 1926, ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016, ASSE/ANSI 10.42-2000-R2017, ANSI/TIA ASME B30.9 and B30.26) rigging operations in which the loads are less than 1000 lbs. (Certification is valid for 2 years)

Part 1 is classroom instruction and demonstrations that will cover rigging equipment selection, rigging charts and calculations, load weights, center of gravity, blocks, angles and will provide a solid overview of basic rigging knowledge and rigging plan preparation.

Part 2 is hands-on and introduces each participant to the physical experience of using proper rigging techniques and equipment to perform a competent lift. Students will plan, prepare, record and develop a rigging plan, then execute that plan, selecting and using appropriate anchor points, block and tackle, capstan hoist (including mounting options), and mechanical advantage systems.

Records and completion:
Comtrain will maintain records of all training for future reference including:
Certification documents, tests, field checklists and student rosters signed by our instructors proving that the student successfully mastered the published material and exercises.

Upon successful completion and graduation the student will receive:

  • Certification Wallet ID Card

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