Tower Construction and Technology

Tower Construction & Technology Class – 5 Days $1995

Students Earn Multiple Industry Certifications during 5 days of Training & Workshops

This “Tower Construction & Technology” class is intended to be used as a tool by everyone responsible for and working at tower sites and is an excellent “prep” class for those students seeking a NWSA Tower Tech certification.

The class is an overview of the complex issues of constructing and maintaining all types of tower sites. We take the student through a hands-on and interactive experience where they will come to understand the demand for towers and the stages of selecting and constructing a site, and into the maintenance and inspection of the finished site. Along the way you will earn multiple industry certificates and learn the numerous skills needed to build and maintain these very specialized structures.

Satisfied past students have included tower owners, commercial wireless communication managers, tower techs., riggers, project & contract managers, directors, commercial service suppliers, broadcast engineers and new hires.

The “Tower Construction & Technology” course is taught by multiple instructors and experts to increase objectivity and response to questions.


All “Tower Construction & Technology Class” Attendees will Receive:

Comtrain’s Tower Construction & Technology Textbook (over 600 pages)
Plus our set of 6 Tower Construction Pocket Primers:
1) Tower Riggers Dictionary
2) Surveying Skills for Tower Workers
3) Soft Rope, Knots & Capstans
4) Tower Foundations, Design & Construction
5) Rigging, Block & Tackle
6) Wire, Rope & Winches



Competent Rigger
Capstan Hoist
Crane Spotter and Signal Person
RF Safety
Exothermic Welding
Aerial Lift


History and Overview:
A brief history of both analogue and digital wireless communications leading up to the current explosive demand. Topical overview of the process of construction of a wireless communication tower site introduces the majority of separate topics covered by the text.

Use of professional equipment and calculation to perform plumb and tensioning. Teaches how to measure torque along with measurement of antenna heights without climbing, leveling and site layout.

Excavation, rebar, concrete, testing forms and structure, record keeping and trouble shooting.

Tower Erection:
Stacking the steel, relationship to other special areas, layout, planning, communications, tools and equipment, safety, jin poles, winches, plumb and tension, cranes, and guy wire installation.

TIA Standards:
Introduction to fabrication and erection standards. Wind/Ice loads, plumb & tensioning, hardware, plans and markings, climbing devices, foundations, guy wires, grounding, and inspections.

Ropes and Rope Access Work:
Study one of the most critical machines in tower technology, soft lines, and wire rope, construction of, inspection of, maintenance, storage transportation, knots and strength ratings.

Lighting and Marking:
Paint, lighting and strobes. FAA and TIA standards and regulations, temporary lighting, installation, inspections and maintenance.

Overview of major regulated safety issues on site. Hazard assessment, PPE/OPE, PFAS, excavations, lockout/tagout, safety plans and meetings and documentation.

Testing, Adjustments and Maintenance:
Path alignment, troubleshooting, tower maintenance, sweeps (FDR&TDR) reporting.

Documentation, planning, techniques, standards, communications and record keeping.
Reference materials and certifications may be distributed in conjunction with a workshop or demonstration.

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