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ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
ComTrain Tower Safety Training
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Comtrain has moved to our New Training Center and Headquarters in Austin, TX. This new facility houses our corporate offices, classrooms, workshop training areas and indoor towers.
4616 W. Howard Ln. #925
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 275-6600

is now available. See our class schedule for dates & locations or call for more information.

All Comtrain Certs expire after 2 years
As of 1/1/2015 all Comtrain certifications including the Authorized Climber & Rescuer, Competent Climber & Rescuer, In-House Instructor and Competent Rigger bear a 2 yr. expiration date. Comtrain also considers all certifications issued prior to 1/1/2015 to be expired 24 months from the date of training making the expiration date retroactive and applicable to all previous certifications issued.


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Comtrain was the FIRST to develop a Tower Safety & Rescue Training program for the tower industry and since 1996 Comtrain has provided climbing safety, fall protection, rescue and rigging training for hundreds of companies, government organizations and all United States Armed Forces branches around the globe. Comtrain certifies about 12,000 climbers per year. Our total graduate count is well over 200,000 and growing weekly!

Comtrain exists to provide the highest level of safety training for all types of structures, industries and occupations and the 5th Edition of our training curriculum is due to be released soon.

We introduced our Competent Tower Rigging class in early 2015 and it is fast becoming the industry standard!

Comtrain Tower Safety & Rescue Courses meet the Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training (ANSI/ASSE Z490.1), the highest industry standard for training. They also meet the requirements of ANSI/ASSE Z359.2, the minimum requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program, found in the ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code. The Comtrain Competent Tower Rigging Course addresses ANSI/TIA 1019A rigging operations in which the loads are less than 1000 lbs.

We are a specialized group of Industry Professionals, Accredited Teachers and Safety Experts. If you work in the vertical world at extreme heights you need Comtrain!

Comtrain is an authorized training provider for Crown Castle, SBA, American Tower, Black and Veatch, Bechtel, CSX Railroad and many other global companies. Comtrain is named as the preferred training provider for the major carriers and infrastructure providers around the globe. Comtrain is recognized as a N.A.T.E. Member Training Company that meets or exceeds the requirements of the N.A.T.E. Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (CTS)

Comtrain classes are scheduled in cities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. See our CLASS SCHEDULE for locations outside the US.