Creating Your Own Certs


  • Clients with Comtrain Certified In-House Instructors,

Thank you for the implementation of a Comtrain In-House Instructor who will be able to work within the confines of your company to train and certify your own employees as Authorized or Competent Climber/Rescuers or as Basic or Competent Riggers. Certification as a Comtrain In-House Instructor is unique.  This certification allows your company to implement Comtrain training materials and course structure because you have a certified trainer to administer the programs

We STRONGLY suggest you send the “original” paperwork required to Comtrain and request that we create your climber certificates and wallet cards.

If you choose to create your own certification documents and cards:

  • Your trainees WILL NOT be part of Comtrain’s database of certified climbers
  • No one other than your company will have a record of the training done

 Also, there are limitations and legal commitments outlined in the Instructor Agreement signed by your candidate:

  1. When creating your own certification documents or cards, you should ONLY use the Comtrain name when identifying the instructor. You may use and print their title or designation as “Comtrain Certified Instructor”.


John J Doe

Comtrain Certified Instructor

  •  You CANNOT use the Comtrain logo, copyrighted images, contact information or Comtrain name (other than as the instructor title or designation) without written consent from Comtrain.

When creating your own certificates and/or wallet cards, you should use your company name and/or logo, contact information, etc. You should include the location and the date of the training and the name of the person authorized to deliver the training.

It is best that your card looks NOTHING like our Comrain cards to avoid the suspicion that the card is a fake or counterfeit card.

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