Competent Level Instructor Upgrade

Comtrain offers the Competent Instructor (Train the Trainer) Upgrade to 4th Edition In-House Instructors that qualify. There is no additional class attendance required. This upgrade allows the In-House Instructor to deliver the “Competent Climber/Rescuer” certified training to employees that have the required experience.

Competent Instructors must:
1) Be a current Comtrain In-House Instructor
2) Submit a “Letter of Competency and Verification of Experience” attesting to having at least 5 years of tower climbing and work experience and at least 2 years of tower safety training experience
3) Submit a Resume or Bio (on their company letterhead) confirming work and training experience
The “Competent Climber/Rescuer Instructor” certification will renew upon ReCertification every 2 years.

Visit our FORMS page and click on the Competent Instructor Upgrade Registration Form