Tower Construction & Technology

 Tower Construction & Technology – 5 Days – $1995

Students earn multiple industry certifications during 40-hours of intense training.

The “Tower Construction & Technology” class is an intense 5-day overview of the complex issues of constructing and maintaining all types of tower sites including broadcast towers, wireless communication sites and others. We take the student through a hands-on and interactive experience where they will come to understand the demand for towers and the stages of selecting and constructing a site, and into the maintenance and inspection of the finished site. Along the way you will earn multiple industry certificates and learn the numerous skills needed to build and maintain these very specialized structures.

This class is intended to be used as a tool by everyone responsible for, and working at tower sites. Satisfied past students have included tower owners, commercial wireless communication managers, tower technicians, riggers, project and contract managers, directors, commercial service suppliers, broadcast engineers, and new hires.

The “Tower Construction & Technology” course is taught by multiple instructors and experts to increase objectivity and response to questions.

Upon successful completion and graduation the student will receive:

  • Wallet ID Card

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