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Does a Comtrain Basic or Advanced Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue Certification transfer from one company to another company? I was certified under one company and have since transferred to another company. Must I re-certify or will my Basic and Advance Comtrain certifications transfer?

OSHA states that an employer can accept training from a previous employer if that training is verified and valid and meets their training requirements. It will be up to your new employer whether to accept your training and certification done directly by Comtrain or through another company’s Comtrain In-House Instructor.

Even if an employer accepts training by a previous employer, most contractors require your company name on certifications to work on their project. Your new employer will probably need to retrain and certify you under their company name.

What do we do when an our company asks us to certify a climber and train them later? My question is posed not for myself but for other instructors I have spoken with over the last year who work for smaller contracting companies. It seems that because of the large push for upgrades by the major carriers in telecom and with such short project times, the smaller contractors are hiring people left and right and rushing through training just to get them certified.

If you could certify before delivering training, why would anybody train at all? Certification requires the demonstration of knowledge and skills which Comtrain verifies through testing and field training drills.
There is no way to certify without delivering the proper training program, and the student can’t be certified until he/she passes the test and demonstrates his/her skills on the tower. If an employer is asking an In-House Comtrain Instructor to certify before training, the employer is asking that instructor to break the law and the certification would be fraudulent and invalid.
How long are the in-house trained climber certificates good for?

All Comtrain Certifications expire after 24 months.
We keep hearing about “the 2 climber rule”. Does OSHA require 2 climbers on the tower?

The 2 climber rule is supported by ComTrain based on these two OSHA CFRs.

OSHA CFR – 1910.151(b)
In the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital in near proximity to the workplace which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid. Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.
Comtrain’s stance:(When interpreting OSHA 1901.151b)
This indicates the necessity of a minimum of two persons.

OSHA CFR 1910.38 Emergency action plans.
Comtrain’s stance:(When interpreting OSHA 1910.38)
The requirements for a rescue under OSHA 1910.38 clearly require a written rescue plan and we know of no successful rescue option that calls for a lone climber.

Can In-House ComTrain Instructors train and certify employees/climbers for their company’s sub-contractors or other companies?

No! Certified In-House Comtrain Instructors can only certify employees of the company they work for. The Comtrain In-House Instructor must be an employee (on the payroll) of the company they train for. They cannot act as “consultants or independent contractors” to train and certify any climbers other than those that work for their employer. The sub-contractor must implement their own Comtrain In-House instructor or send their employees to a Comtrain open enrollment class for training and certification.