Figure 8 on a Bight

(Also known as a Flemish loop, and a figure-of-eight loop)

Disfavored by sailors since it tended to bind in wet weather in natural fiber ropes and is difficult to untie after loading; this is a popular terminating knot today. The figure eight on a bite creates gentle curves with little de-rating to the rope (about 25%). The knot is easily inspected, easy to master and dependable with even the newest “newbie” in the wind, on the tower.

1. Start with a bight of rope.

2. Form a loop where the standing part lays over the end.

3. Run the end around and over the front of the standing part.

4. Insert the end back through the loop.

5. Pull the loop an the standing part of the knot to tighten.

6. Dress and set the knot.

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