Bloodborne Pathogens Training – CANADA – $25

Bloodborne Pathogens Training – CANADA – $25

Ensure you’re adhering to Canadian Compliance laws by taking our Bloodborne Pathogens Worker Safety Course. This training is I-CAB recognized and fulfills the classroom portion of your compliance training. Along with the safety training, you will receive a customizable form that can be used by your employer to observe your application of the principles explained in this training.  

Those who work in hospitals and clinics, or even in unrelated roles, will find this information invaluable as they go about their daily jobs.  

Course Duration: .5 Hours

The course is followed by a computer based exam. Students must pass with a 75% or better and will have limited chances to pass the exam. If a students fails the course for any reason, they will need to pay for the course again. Upon passing the exam the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certification is valid for 12 months.

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