Cal OSHA 10 Hour

Cal OSHA 10 Hour – $85

Construction sites pose a number of health and safety hazards. This makes it extremely important for workers, managers, and other personnel to understand how to identify, avoid, mitigate, and prevent these dangers on the job. In addition to safety guidelines established by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the California construction workforce is also subject to more rigorous state-level standards issued by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), commonly called Cal/OSHA.

To facilitate adherence to California OSHA standards, Cal/OSHA 10-Hour Construction allows workers to receive training and a Department of Labor (DOL)/OSHA 10-Hour Card via a hassle-free online course. This card enables the recipient to seek or maintain employment in construction within the state of California.

This online course prepares participants to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent health and safety hazards commonly associated with construction worksites. Doing so enables them to maintain the safety standards required by the state of California. 

*OHSA Outreach courses are provided in partnership with ClickSafety, an OSHA-authorized online Outreach provider.

Course Duration: 10 Hour

Topics covered:

The Cal/OSHA 10-Hour Construction course offers a certificate-level review of essential workplace safety and health hazards and prepares participants to avoid, prevent, and address these hazards on the job. Successful course participants will receive:

  • A certificate of completion confirming a passing score of 70% or higher
  • 1 Continuing Education Unit from an accredited IACET provider
  • A valid DOL/OSHA 10-Hour Card

Upon conclusion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion.

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