Noise and Hearing Protection

Noise and Hearing Protection – $40

The Noise and Hearing Protection for Construction online course from ClickSafety teaches participants about noise and hearing protection as set forth and established by federal OSHA standards. This course focus on the prevention of injury through the use of protective equipment specific to different jobs. Because using the correct hearing protection and prevent permanent hearing damage and reduce workplace injury, this course identifies the need for and proper use of noise and hearing protection.

ClickSafety’s Noise and Hearing Protection for Construction online course covers how and why hearing protection prevents permanent hearing damage in the workplace. Furthermore, participants will learn applicable legal requirements, therefore ensuring the highest level of safety in the workplace. 

Course Duration: 15 Minutes

Topics covered:

  • Understand exposure to, control of, and protection from excessive jobsite noise
  • Understand the hearing loss may be gradual and painful
  • Understand how to avoid excessive noise in the workplace

Upon conclusion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certification is eligible for 24 months.

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