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If you have not previously upgraded to the Competent Level Train the Trainer, you may do so by checking the Upgrade to deliver the Competent Climber/Rescuer Level box above.

If you have previously upgraded please select the class Competent Level Train the Trainer Recertification – $1295.

  • your photo must look like you and must have be taken in the last month
  • use a plain light-coloured background with no patterns or textures and don’t have objects behind you
  • no shadows on your face or behind you – it’s best to use natural sunlight, for example facing a window
  • include your head, shoulders and upper body in the photo and look straight at the camera
  • eyes fully visible, hair away from your face and eyes
  • take your glasses off if you can – if you need to keep your glasses on, your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflections
  • no sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • no headwear unless it’s for religious or medical reasons

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By submitting this registration form the employer and the student attest to the student having the required experience to register for the training selected.

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