Ronin Powered Ascender Operator

1 Day Ronin Powered Ascender Operator – $795

The Ronin Powered Ascender Operator course is an intensive 1 day program designed to help the employer meet contractual compliance to use a Ronin Powered Ascender. This course covers subjects such as Ronin System Overview, Specifications, Product Safety, Pre-Use Inspection, Rope Requirements, JHAs, PFAS, Battery Safety and Ronin Use. Our course is based off the Ronin Powered Ascender.(Certification is valid for 2 years.)

The Ronin Powered Ascender Operator Instructor candidate must be a current Comtrain Competent Climber/Rescuer.

The first portion of the day is spent in the classroom. A combination of lectures, videos, slides and equipment demonstrations are used to ensure that students understand hazards involved in using a Ronin Powered Ascender.

The second portion of the day begins with field activities. After the field portion of the class the students will take a written exam and students must score 75% or better to pass the exam.

Field Practice Tasks:

Students will hold a safety meeting and review critical issues. Students will perform a hazard assessment individually and jointly and then review the findings and complete a JHA. Each student is given a checklist of exercises to perform during the program. Everyone will inspect and operate the Ronin Powered Ascender. Students will hold a post-exercise review.

Comtrain will maintain records of all training for future reference including:
Certification documents, tests, field checklists and student rosters signed by our instructors proving that the student successfully mastered the published material and exercises.

Student materials necessary for the course.

Upon successful completion and graduation the student will receive:
Certification Wallet ID Card

Call or email for a registration form:
(512) 275-6600

Or Register online here:

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