Ronin Powered Ascender Train-the-Trainer

1 Day – Ronin Powered Ascender Operator Train-the-Trainer- $1995

This course is designed to prepare a company’s in-house instructor to incorporate Comtrain’s “Ronin Powered Ascender Operator” training into their company’s safety plans and policies and then deliver the training to their qualified employees. The Ronin Powered Ascender Operator Instructor candidate must be a current Comtrain Competent Climber/Rescuer.

All employers and Instructor candidates should read and understand “The Rules for Comtrain In-House Instructors”. (Certification is valid for 2 years)


The Instructor program accomplishes these primary tasks for the employer: it teaches the instructor how to use proper applications and deliver training to employees, enables implementation of company practices and safety plans, teaches where to find answers and demonstrates proper record-keeping & documentation. This class maximizes efficiency & company legal compliance.

This class will make the instructor candidate aware of their liability and responsibilities, the employer’s liability and responsibilities and the laws and regulations pertaining to them. Instruction includes the implementation of applicable ANSI Standards and “best practices”.

Lastly, candidates will learn how to work with Comtrain’s Support Staff to acquire Certifications for their students.

The In-House Instructor must attend a ReCertification class every 24 months to stay current. Comtrain will not support an instructor that has not been recertified within the last 24 months.  Training is not authorized and therefore student certifications cannot be processed if an In-House Instructor’s certification has expired. In-House training classes must be conducted while an instructor is current for certification to be valid.

If your Instructor Certification has been expired for more than 6 months, you should call the Comtrain office to discuss ReCertification requirements.

Employers and Instructor candidates should read and understand the rules pertaining to the Comtrain In-House Instructor programs.

Graduating Instructors Will Receive an Instructor Kit including:

  • Comtrain Flash Drive loaded with:
    1. Training Aids and Videos in English
    2. Documents Needed to Teach Your Course
    3. Power Point Class Presentation
    4. Class Lecture Guide
    5. Student Certification Paperwork

EVERYTHING you need to conduct your classes will be in your Instructor Kit!

Graduate Instructors will receive a wall plaque certificate and a wallet ID card.

For additional information, or to register, please call or send us an email:
(512) 275-6600

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