Butterfly Knot

(Also known as the “truckers hitch” )

The knot is also excellent for cinching a load, by forming this knot then running the standing end around an anchor, back through the eye and drawing down you can pull the working end taut and after untying the load the knot is easy to remove.

The knot is also often formed by wrapping the line around the hand loosely three times then crossing the outer line over the other two and the second line over the first and the first crossed line then through the palm.

1. Grab a bight of rope.

2. Spin the rope once.

3. Spin the rope a second time.

4. Grab the top of the bight and fold it down toward the bottom ends.

5. Keeping your hand on the top of the bight, wrap it underneath and through the hole that you just formed.

6. Pull the bite through the hole.

7. Pull both standing ends of the rope apart from the center loop.

8. Dress and tighten the knot.

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