Although a vaccine is here, most will not have access to it for a while. Covid-19 state and local orders continue to evolve and alter open class training options. The one constant is that valid proof of training is still mandatory on tower sites. Climbers must have current certifications to climb and work. Comtrain monitors state and local orders as we respond to client requests for our training classes. We continue to deliver certification training to the essential telecommunications workforce where it is safe and feasible.

Check our CLASS SCHEDULE for locations and dates. See our ONLINE CLASSES for other options.

Comtrain continues to make sure our class setup complies with Corona-virus gathering guidelines which vary from state to state and location to location. We have implemented prescreening, social distancing and sanitation protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible when attending a class. We advise everyone to wear a face mask.

We urge class attendees to observe published hygiene guidelines. We ask that everyone ‘self-evaluate’ prior to coming to a class. If you are experiencing classic signs of illness, please contact our office to reschedule your training. Do not travel or attend a function if you know you are sick.

COMTRAIN, the most respected name in tower safety training, still sets the standard for excellence. Comtrain was the FIRST to develop a standardized, reviewable and accepted Tower Safety & Rescue Training program for an industry that has become so vital to all of us. Since 1996 Comtrain has provided climbing safety, fall protection, rescue, rigging and technology training for hundreds of companies, government organizations and all US Armed Forces branches around the globe.  The classes and curriculum offered are of the highest quality and updated on a regular basis.

The Comtrain In-House Instructor program is the premier Train-the-Trainer program in the industry. The best companies and agencies deliver Comtrain Tower Safety & Rigging training to their climbers and employees.

Comtrain certifies about 14,000 climbers per year. Our total graduate count is well over 300,000 and growing daily! Comtrain open enrollment classes are scheduled in cities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and we service clients around the world.

Comtrain now offers On-Line Classes also.